Dress Resale Service

Have you had your Big Day and want to give your dress (and accessories) another chance to shine?

Have a mother of the bride outfit looking to sell it on?

Then our dress resale service is for you!

How does it work? You bring (or post) your items to us in good, clean condition and we will put it on our shop floor, market it and allow our brides to try your dress on. When it sells you receive 60% of the final sale price paid.

At present our rails are pretty full so we are only able to take certain styles and sizes but get in touch with us. Provide us with a photo of your dress, make, model,size, original purchase price and year of purchase. When we have this information we can advise on its resale potential.

Does your dress need some TLC to be resold? No Problem! We can arrange to have your dress repaired by our expert seamstress we can also have your dress cleaned. Costs start at £80 and are capped at £120. (Cost to be met by the seller )

Contact us now to arrange your dress resale